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So, its a while since the Maman has put fingers to keys so to speak….I have thought about over the last year (flippin’ heck – it really has been a while), but something rather exciting has happened in the last couple of weeks and I decided it was time I took this whole Mother of Dragon’s thing (sorry, G.o.t reference – and I will never look like her anyway) seriously (and my kids aren’t dragons – well not last time I looked) – let me explain –

Daughter 2 (we can call her Hippie because she is) has been having a hard time.  School may be out, but my poor anxious 13 year old continues to be anxious whether its school or no.  When school is in there is the stress of people, noise and socialisation, when it’s out (and you breath a sigh of relief that there’s a rest coming up), she can’t cope with the lack of routine.  I forget this little speck of sand in the oyster every single time.  I forget that none of my school age children do well in the holidays.  Nor do I.

Anyway I digress – The hippie was feeling low about her lack of social skills, she wanted to learn how to make friends and marvelled at how every one else managed to do so with no apparent stress whatsoever.  I felt like my heart would break of course, so in true adhd mum style (always do, never think…) I set about finding out what courses/self help groups I could organise for the poor girl.

My first port of call was to the awesome Curly hair project.

I knew about these guys of old.  My best friend lent (sorry Claire, gave actually, I never did return it did I??) me one of Alis’ books when the Dr and I were first concerned about the hippie’s mental health.  The more I read about Alis and her struggle with Asperger’s it made our situation at home seem more and more likely to be an ASD one, not the standard one size fits all teenage girls – Generalised Anxiety Disorder (yep, that old nugget).

So.  there I was having a good old look at the website and the quickest way to assist my daughter into becoming the world’s number one socialite overnight, when I noticed that the CHP were looking for people either with ASD themselves or a fan of someone with ASD to work with them (I never did find a course, but hey I do have adhd – it’s my job to get constantly distracted).

Now, one (and there aren’t so many, so let’s take what we can) advantage of being almost 47 is that I have learnt that if I have to talk myself into liking something it won’t last terribly long – if I have to fit around a job or situation instead of the other way around it often ends badly.  Usually in a couple of months I can feel the tell tell signs creep in (things will be better if only I can 1) change my shift pattern 2) get a cleaner so I have more time at home etc etc).  So when something I really like the sound of comes up I have started addressing it in a more ‘think outside the box’ manner.  I like the whole Carpe Diem attitude to jobs, they always seem to suit me better.

Hence, there I was e.mailing the amazing Alis Rowe (author of a gazillion books, entrepreneur, weight lifting queen) and saying – ‘Hey Alis, I really like the sound of this but my CV is useless do you mind if I just write you a short piece about myself and how awesome I am’ (sometimes my brazen cheek astounds me).  Well, that was a good day.  She said yes!  aha!  And then I got the gig – more aha’s!!

So, I know find myself in an exciting and slightly terrifying position.   4 workshops are being advertised with me as the delivery bod (no, not midwifery – that frankly would be terrifying).  I am worried?  Mildly.  But – there are two things in this life that I am extremely adept at.  One is talking and one is Autism.  I am not a Doctor ( I leave that to the Dr I am hitched too), but after 22 years of a relationship with the most complicated and gorgeous creature on the planet, and having hatched 4 kids all on that spectrum somewhere, I feel that must make me at least a vague font of knowledge?

And cake, I can make cake – I have promised that to any budding workshop attendee’s.

So, as of today – I have my first 6 Curly Haired people booked on my courses.  I cannot tell you how proud that makes me (and I don’t do proud…).

My darling hippie – you don’t need to go on a course, Maman is here to teach you all about it xx


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The Girl with mostly Curly Hair

One thought on “The Girl with mostly Curly Hair

  1. Oenone Barnes says:

    Heh Caroline, this sounds terrific, very best of luck with your new project and love to you and the doctor. Book club just isn’t the same without you guys! Nonie xx


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